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Hyalescent by Dalkoiya B. Batchelor

Image of Hyalescent by Dalkoiya B. Batchelor


Passion + inspiration + creativity is all there is.
This trio sequence illuminates everything in our universe into form.
The apex of this for me is nature.

I am limitlessly enthused by the magic + harmony + joy + ecstacy + wonder of nature.
She is love in it’s most exalted form. Love is pure + innocent + perfect.

The universe co-creates through me the art that you see. I am merely an instrument, a tool as a spirit + body + mind + consciousness.
What a wondrous + mysterious journey this is!

I hope you feel an effervescent wave of splendor stream through your being as you experience this art.
-Dalkoiya B. Batchelor

This edition of 100 is printed on 8.5×11” archival 300gsm acid-free Printmaking Paper. The print’s Ultrachrome archival ink is smudge, fade and water resistant.

Our quoted dimensions are for the size of paper containing the image, not the printed image itself. We do not alter the aspect ratio of the artists’ originals.